Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: The Hard Goodbye
Family Values
Film Appearances: Sin City
Affiliation(s): Marv
Portrayed by: Tommy Nix
Weevil is a minor character in Basin City. Though unexplored, he seems to have deep ties into the criminal world making him a one stop shop for Sin City residents looking for information, usually at Kadie's. He wears grown sideburns and untended overly grown hair.

That Yellow Bastard

Weevil is briefly mentioned by Hartigan as a source for information.

Just Another Saturday Night

The Hard Goodbye


Weevil with Marv.

His first appearance is in The Hard Goodbye where he is threatened and tortured by Marv hoping to lure hitmen after him, and have leads to Goldie's death.

Family Values

He is drinking in Luigi Pontormo's Bar when Dwight arrives there after checking out the murder scene.

Hell and Back

Sin City (film)

Weevil is briefly seen and mentioned by Hartigan in That Yellow Bastard as a source for information.

The scene from The Hard Goodbye where he is menaced by Marv is absent from the final cut of the film, which skips instead to the hitmen accosting Marv. Weevil appears in the extended version. He is portrayed by Tommy Nix.

Sin City
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