Sin City

The Wallenquist Organization, also known as the Mob, is a criminal organization led by Herr Wallenquist, a German mobster shrouded in mystery. The organization has a broad base of criminal enterprise to its name, including drug smuggling, contract killing, racketeering, organ harvesting, and human trafficking for the purpose of illegal adoption and slavery, as well as having many city officials on their payroll at one time or the other.

Members and organization

  • Herr Wallenquist, aka 'the Kraut'
    • 'The Colonel', the Kraut's leading enforcer
      • Liebowitz, the Police Commissioner and a collaborator of the Colonel
      • Delia, aka 'Blue Eyes' the Colonel's top assassin
      • Mariah, another assassin under the Colonel
      • Maxine, a drug wizard working for the Colonel
      • Fredric, a corrupt doctor kidnapping victims for the Colonel's human traffic and organ harvesting program
        • Orrin, Fredric's lover and collaborator
      • Gordo, a dimwitted soldier
    • Manute
    • Bruno, a politician and former assassin in the Kraut's pocket
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