The Colonel
Occupation: Hitman
Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories
Blue Eyes
Wrong Turn
Wrong Track
Hell And Back
Film Appearances: Sin City
Affiliation(s): Delia
Portrayed by: Josh Hartnett -
Sin City (2005)
Turn the right corner in Sin City, and you can find anything...
— The Colonel

The Colonel was an assassin once working for the Wallenquist Organization until becoming enforcer and captain who trains and coordinates assassins in the organisation's employ.

The Customer is Always Right

With the customer

The Colonel.

The Colonel
a.k.a The Man a.k.a The Salesman was hired by a woman who wanted to kill herself. They met on the terrace of a high rise building during a party or ball, hinting that although they seem to be acting like strangers, they do indeed have some sort of past and they embrace in a passionate kiss.

The Colonel told her that everything will be all right and with a silenced gunshot ended her life as he was told. The next day he collected his reward.

Blue Eyes

Well done ti Delia

With Delia.

The Colonel recruited Delia in his sisterhood of assassins. He tracked down her former lover, Jim. Jim noticed him stalking him and ran into Kadie's. He ordered a drink from Josie when the Colonel mysteriously appeared briefly nearby ordering "stoli martini, two olives". Then he was confronted by Delia, his ex-flame.

They go back to his place and make love. She then attacks him, and explains that this is her final test. She wants to become a hitwoman, and she must first kill the only man she ever loved. After killing Jim, the Colonel appeared, being there all the time. He gave her an assignment and she takes on the name 'Blue Eyes', which is what Jim used to call her.

Wrong Turn


In Wrong Turn.

Afte Delia fails to meet Eddie Dubois and instead meets Phil, bothered, she kills him. She meets up with the Colonel and Gordo at the entrance to the Pits. They open the trunk of Phil's car to put him inside and find his wife with six bullets in her belly. They throw him in as well and Gordo pushes the car into the pits. Delia explains to the Colonel that she has a train to catch in 3 hours, and she should do it instead of Mariah.

Wrong Track

In wromg track

The Colonel in Wrong Track.

The Colonel waits for Delia after killing Eddie and leaving the rear of the train. He asks her if she should always make love to her future victims; Delia explains that she will do it to the victims she likes.

Hell and Back

The Colonel is now running the organisation's organ harvesting and human trafficking ring. He was also threatening Commissioner Liebowitz' family. His operations are eventually shut down by the Basin City Police Department in a sting operation. While in police custody, the Colonel is shot through the head by Liebowitz, who was furious that his son was threatened.

Sin City (film)

In the epilogue of the film the Colonel is seen talking with Becky at the hospital, after being expelled from the Old Town as a traitor, suggesting that he is there to kill her.

It is evident that the Colonel as depicted in the film is has an alternative timeline than the Colonel as depicted in the comics, because The Big Fat Kill occurred after Hell and Back where the Colonel has been killed.

Portrayed by Josh Hartnett.



Sin City (film)

Sin City
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