Sin City

Sin City soundtrack.

Sin City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 2005 film Sin City. It features music composed by Robert Rodriguez, John Debney and Graeme Revell, performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony, as well as the orchestral track "Sensemayá" from Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas and the electronica piece "Absurd" by Fluke.

Composers' Approach

Because the film is based on different comic book stories (written by Frank Miller), each composer was assigned to score a different story. Revell scored the music to The Hard Goodbye (Rodriguez co-scored for tracks four, six and eight); Debney scored The Big Fat Kill (Rodriguez co-scored tracks eleven and twelve); Rodriguez scored That Yellow Bastard as well as the opening credits sequence and the first track in the end credits.

Miscellaneous music

The song featured in the trailers and television spots was an instrumental version of the song "Cells" by The Servant and briefly appeared in the movie as a sample.

Track Listing

  1. Sin City (Rodriguez)
  2. One Hour to Go (Rodriguez)
  3. Goldie's Dead (Revell)
  4. Marv (Revell/Rodriguez)
  5. Bury the Hatchet (Revell)
  6. Old Town Girls (Revell/Rodriguez)
  7. The Hard Goodbye (Revell)
  8. Cardinal Sin (Revell/Rodriguez)
  9. Her Name is Goldie (Revell)
  10. Dwight (Debney)
  11. Old Town (Debney/Rodriguez)
  12. Deadly Little Miho (Debney/Rodriguez)
  13. Warrior Woman (Debney)
  14. Tar Pit (Debney)
  15. Jackie Boy's Head (Debney)
  16. The Big Fat Kill (Debney)
  17. Nancy (Rodriguez)
  18. Prison Cell (Rodriguez)
  19. Absurd (Fluke)
  20. Kiss of Death (Rodriguez)
  21. That Yellow Bastard (Rodriguez)
  22. Hartigan (Rodriguez)
  23. Sensemaya (Revueltas)
  24. Sin City End Titles (Rodriguez)
Sin City (soundtrack)
Soundtrack Sin City (soundtrack)
Composer/Artists Robert Rodriguez - Graeme Revell - John Debney - Revueltas - Fluke
Trailer Songs Cells (Instrumental)
Songs Sin City (song) - One Hour to Go - Goldie's Dead - Marv (song) - Bury the Hatchet - Old Town Girls - The Hard Goodbye (song) - Cardinal Sin - Her Name is Goldie - Dwight (song) - Old Town (song) - Deadly Little Miho - Warrior Woman - Tar Pit - Jackie Boy's Head - The Big Fat Kill (song) - Nancy (song) - Prison Cell - Absurd - Kiss of Death - That Yellow Bastard (song) - Hartigan (song) - Sensemaya - Sin City End Titles