Painted Cop impersonator
Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: The Hard Goodbye
Film Appearances: Sin City
Portrayed by: Ryan Rutledge
  1. Painted Cop impersonator is a character seen in The Hard Goodbye.

The Hard Goodbye

The Painted Cop Impersonator was an alleged Basin City Police Department captain with tribal tattoos on his face. He arrived on a chopper at the Farm with a squad of armed police to kill Marvor anywhere Ne else he talked to about goldies death while they were escaping the basement..


Painted Cop.

Seeing them, Lucille subdued Marv and attempted to surrender him so that he wouldn't get anyone else killed, and she was shot for her trouble by the Painted Cop impersonator

Marv wiped out the entire squad in vengeance as the Painted Cop impersonator in vain shot him and missed all the time, until and faced off against an ammo-less Painted Cop.

Marv interrogated him after showing him 'all those pieces of himself', before confirming the name Marv knew all along: Roark.

Then Marv murders him with a hatchet and takes possession of his 'damn fine coat'.

Sin City (film)

Ryan Rutledge played him in the film.


The Painted Cop.

Sin City
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