Sin City
Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: That Yellow Bastard
A Dame To Kill For
Film Appearances: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Affiliation(s): Bob
Ava Lord
Portrayed by: Christopher Meloni
You keep asking for it, and asking for it!
— Mort yells at Bob

Mort is a minor character making his first appearance in A Dame To Kill For and later making a small appearance in That Yellow Bastard. A member of the Basin City Police Department he was faithfully married to a black woman and one of the few mostly straight cops, at least until the unfortunate events leading to his demise.

That Yellow Bastard

While John Hartigan was in the hospital accused for false murder/rape charges Mort was one of his visitors trying to unravel the truth behind the obvious facade.

Eight years later, and still convinced of Hartigan's innocence, he gave him the ride out of prison when Hartigan confessed. Somewhere in that time Mort partnered up with Bob the man who sent Hartigan to prison in the first place.

A Dame To Kill For

Mort and Bob were the investigating officers in the Damien Lord murder, and Ava Lord seeing an easy target in the police for her charms, played damsel in distress around Mort. Two nights later, Mort could not take her out of his mind, and called her in the night, to be told that she is scared and weak, and in need of company.

Wracked with guilt and lust, slowly Ava was able to get Mort to cheat on his wife which made him assume her innocence. With Bob, they interrogated Agamemnon and then Dwight's Landlady, and both talked in favor to him; the Landlady even said that Dwight and Ava made love in his apartment a night before Damien's death. Bob could see that Mort was prejudiced and in love with Ava.

That same night, after making love, Mort asked Ava why she visited him, to be told that she tried to reason with him to be raped; before saved by Manute. Then Mort promised to kill him.

Bob, slowly beginning to realize that there was more to the case, tried to get Mort to see reason, but in Mort's conflicted state, he pushed him over the edge. Mort shot Bob in the head, and then realizing what he'd done, shot himself.

Sin City films

In the film an unnamed and uncredited character delivers Mort's lines questioning Hartigan as to whats shutting him up from denying the false charges, and that he wasn't the only cop on the force that smelt something was wrong.

He does not appear again to take Hartigan home. In the film this part is filled by Bob

In the sequel Mort was portrayed by Christopher Meloni.



Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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