Mary !!!
Occupation: Nun
Gender: Female
Comic Appearances: The Babe Wore Red
Affiliation(s): Fargo
Dwight McCarthy
Mary is the titular character in the Sin City short story The Babe Wore Red who finds herself in a dangerous situation in need of a savior; her savior comes in the form of Dwight McCarthy

The Babe Wore Red

After finding his friend, Fargo, dead in his apartment, killed by the hands off Douglas Klump and Burt Shlubb a.k.a. Fat Man and Little Boy, Dwight McCarthy discovers a beautiful woman in a red dress hiding behind a shower curtain. Fearing for her life, the woman begs Dwight not to kill her and to take her away from the apartment. When shots are fired through the window, Dwight and the woman leave together and head to Dwight’s car.

The woman makes an escape with Dwight in his car where she reiterates her version of events. When questioned on her identity she replies that she is nobody but when Dwight pries further, she tells him that she is Mary: a prostitute who met Fargo in a saloon, propositioning him for sex unaware who Klump and Shlubb were. Dwight believes her knowledge of the men are lies.

After being chased by the duo, Dwight and Mary challenge there gaining enemies to a high pursuit chase where the pair run Klump and Shlubb off the road. Although happy, Mary questions Dwight on why he is slowing down: he tells her that, in respect for his deceased friend, he aims to lead breadcrumbs for the two men to follow so they reach the farm where he intends to end the feud in a violent matter.

Arriving at the farm together, a nervous Mary apologizes to Dwight for getting him involved: she also tells him, after he questions her worrying for being married, that although she isn't married, she feels she is engaged, but she has been “fair to him”. Spending her final few moments with Dwight, she begs for him not to kill Klump and Shlubb; the battle commences and Dwight injures both Klump and Shlubb, but leaving them both alive just as promised.

After a few days pass, Dwight receives a parcel; the red dress Mary was wearing, as a thank you. Realizing that she wasn't a hooker at all, it’s revealed in the final sequence that Mary is in fact a nun that had flirted with temptation before ultimately deciding to dedicate her life to God.


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