Occupation: Assassin
Gender: Female
Comic Appearances: Hell And Back
Affiliation(s): The Colonel

Mariah is an assassin who works alongside Delia. She has a penchant for Leopard print clothing.

Wrong Turn

The Colonel suggests using Mariah to kill Eddie Dubois. However Delia says that Mariah is sloppy.

Hell and Back

Mariah visits Fredric on the Colonel's orders and stabs Orrin with multiple Scalpels. Mariah stabs a needle into Fredric's eye in case he informs Wallace about The Colonel's operations. Mariah then breaks Josh's arm in order make Liebowitz help The Colonel. Wallace eventually fights Mariah at a Factory and breaks her nose. At the end of the story Mariah is seen with a bandage over her nose, advising Wallenquist to kill Wallace and Jerry. Wallenquist decides to let them live and says that Liebowitz will be of further use to him.


  • Mariah apparently likes to use seduction similar to her partner Delia. However, Delia claims that Mariah's work is sloppy and will eventually lead to her getting killed. Ironically Mariah was the one to survive while Delia died.


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