Sin City
Occupation: Weapon
Gender: Female
Comic Appearances: The Hard Goodbye
Film Appearances: Sin City
Affiliation(s): Marv

Gladys is a character weapon first making its appearance in The Hard Goodbye. A Springfield Armory M1911A1 pistol, it's Marv's weapon of choice when he's not taking people out by hand. Only taken out on special occasion, it's usually left at his mother's house, hidden in his old room.


According to Marv he took it off the toughest kid he knew in school, who he implies that he killed obviously likely in self defence or the defence of others since the kid unfortunately brought a gun to school. The name was inspired by a sister at the Catholic school he attended. (Whether this is the same school he got Gladys from is not strictly confirmed.) He states that the gun "almost lives up" to the reputation of the tough nun. Considering the amount of people killed by hand in the series, the only two people Marv killed with Gladys that we see during the series is The Priest and Stan, the goon sent by Telly Stern, who "runs the tables over at the Triple Ace Club", who he shoots in the belly (and subsequently the crotch and head, respectively).

The Hard Goodbye

After meeting with Lucille, Marv recovers Gladys from his mother's apartment. Upon arriving at Kadie's to draw attention to himself, Marv is confronted by two hitmen, including Stan, who take him outside and prepare to kill him. Instead, Marv kills one and shoots Stan in the belly to interrogate him, shooting him again in the groin when he refuses to talk. Once Marv has the information he needs, he shoots Stan in the head, killing him.

Days later, Marv pulls out Gladys while interrogating a priest in the confessional, shooting him dead when he insults Goldie.

After escaping from Kevin's lair with Lucille, Marv prepares to open fire on the SWAT team surrounding the Farm, only to be knocked out by Lucille, who takes his gun. She attempts to surrender, but the Painted Cop guns her down instead. In retaliation, Marv kills the SWAT team with a hatchet and recovers Gladys.

While walking back to the city after learning that Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark is responsible for murdering Goldie, he shoots a large statue of the man in the head.

During his rematch with Kevin, Marv shoots at him four times, but misses due to Kevin's superior agility.

After Marv kills Cardinal Roark and is subsequently gunned down by the police, Gladys is presumably confiscated.

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