Sin City

Kevin in the farmhouse.

"This is a bad place, this farm. People have died here. The wrong way." - Marv, The Hard Goodbye

"You're not a rookie for a week before some dead-eyed veteran gives you the word. Don't ask about the farm at North Cross and Lennox. Don't even think about it. Go there, and you cease to exist. There won't even be a corpse. It's a place where very bad things have been going on for a very long time. Generations. Junior came by his proclivities honestly." - Detective John Hartigan, That Yellow Bastard

The Roark family's Farm is located on the corner of North Cross and Lennox, in an area of open farmland bordered by heavy woods; As well as many previous generations of the family, it was also home to Kevin for at least four years. It is suggested by Hartigan that the deviant behavior of Junior and Kevin has been going on at the Farm for generations, as every cop in Basin City knows better than to stray too close to it.

The Farm consists of the following buildings and areas:-

  • Farmhouse - the main building, containing the living quarters. The basement contains a tiled room

    The farmhouse explodes.

    where Kevin kept the heads of his female victims mounted on the wall. This part of the farm was partially destroyed when Marv threw a petrol bomb through the window to smoke out Kevin.
  • Barn - An old wooden barn with a hayloft and sliding doors. This is where Hartigan and Junior have their final confrontation, and where Wallace finds a nude and partially brainwashed Esther.
  • A grain silo.
  • A workshed.
  • A deserted farmyard. There is no obvious evidence of any traditional agriculture occurring here in what has to have been years, despite the presence of a tractor. There is also a wood pile and chopping block with a hatchet embedded there, which Marv later takes as a weapon (see below).
  • The Woods - Heavy woodland that borders the Farm and the roads leading up to it. The trees here are gnarled and twisted and the atmosphere is unsettling. Both Marv and Hartigan sneak up to the Farm through the Woods, having driven up to a short distance from the road entrance, and Dwight defeats Fat Man and Little Boy here during The Babe Wore Red. When Marv first passed through the Woods, he found them very disturbing, and his instincts told him at once that bad things had gone on at the Farm; by his second and final time at the Farm, however, he was no longer afraid and proceeded to use the Woods to his physical and tactical advantage during his duel with Kevin. When Hartigan passes through, during heavy snow, he suffers what he thinks is another bout of angina, even though he was supposed to be cured of it.

it appears in several stories, including The Hard Goodbye, That Yellow Bastard, The Babe Wore Red and Hell and Back.

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