Douglas Klump
Douglas Klump nick
Occupation: Criminal For Hire
Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: That Yellow Bastard
Fat Man and Little Boy
The Babe Wore Red Family Values
Film Appearances: Sin City
Affiliation(s): Burt Shlubb
Portrayed by: Rick Gomez
For cheap thrills. Such short-lived durability, Mr. Shlubb. You risk engendering ill will on the part of our employers.
— Little Boy to Fat Man

Douglas Klump aka. Little Boy is a low rent criminal for hire, pairing with the Fat Man

That Yellow Bastard

The duo were guarding Roark Junior's getaway car while he was attempting to rape Nancy Callahan; Fat Man expressed his will driving the car but Little Boy dissuaded him. John Hartigan disabled them and then killed the twin guards Lenny and Benny.

Eight years later, the pair are sent to Mimi's motel in order to collect Hartigan's body, hanged by Junior. However they find him alive, who hits them from behind, and they tell him that Junior went to the Farm.

Fat Man and Little Boy

The duo are tasked to get rid of a corpse (wrapped in carpet) dumping it in the river. Shlubb's boots are in horrible shape, and he wishes to steal the shoes off the corpse

Klump tells him that they're supposed to leave the body as it is. Shlubb disagrees and pulls the boots off, to discover that there are no feet in them, and a ticking sound rings through their ears. This was apparently a test, and the two buffoons get thrown several yards away as the explosion hits. It seems they failed the test miserably.

The Babe Wore Red

Dwight stumbled upon the hanging corpse of Fargo in his apartment, just killed by the Fat Man. Dwight knocked him out. Under a barrage of sniper shots from Little Boy, Dwight and Mary reach their car and speed off. Although they successfully elude the pair.

Dwight dueled with both of them again in the Roark Farm and due to insistence from Mary decides to shoot them in the leg instead of killing them.

Family Values

While Dwight McCarthy was digging up information about a recent mob hit at a small diner, he goes into a bar near where the hit happened and tries to charm Peggy. He also spots Fat Man and Little Boy, which makes his job easier later on. It's revealed that Bruno, the target, was killed by Vito; one of Don Magliozzi's nephews and hitmen in retaliation on Don Magliozzi's part as Bruno killed his beloved niece years ago. With that information, Dwight leaves the bar and is confronted by Vito and some other hitmen who came when Fat Man and Little Boy alerted them someone was digging around for information.




Sin City (film)

Sin City
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