The Customer
Marley shelton is the customer
Occupation: Unknown
Gender: Female
Comic Appearances: The Babe Wore Red and Other Stories
Film Appearances: Sin City
Affiliation(s): The Colonel
Portrayed by: Marley Shelton -
Sin City (2005)
And what is is you see in my eyes?
— The Customer questions The Colonel

The Customer had an affair with a member of the mafia, and when she found out tried to break it off with him. The mafia member then swore to her that she would die in the most terrible way possible, and when it is least expected[1].

The Customer, living a nightmare and having connections, hires a hitman, The Colonel[2], to kill her.

The Customer is Always Right


The Customer.

They meet on the terrace of a high rise building during a party or bal, hinting that although they seem to be acting like strangers, they do indeed have some sort of past and they embrace in a passionate kiss.

The Colonel tells her that everything will be all right and a silenced gunshot ends the Customer's life.

Sin City (film)

Portrayed by Marley Shelton in the film adaptation. Unlike the colorless comic, her dress is colored red and her eyes green, as the Salesman lights her cigarette.



Sin City (film)


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