Sin City

Colt Python.

The Colt Python is a weapon seen in the film.

Sin City

In the beginning of the film, Bob (Michael Madsen) shoots his partner, Hartigan (Bruce Willis) with a Colt Python in the back and chest in fear of the Roark family's wrath. A hitman holds a Colt Python to Marv's back in Kadie's Bar, and an Old Town prostitute can also be seen wielding one. Strangely Bob fires 8 shots out of his six shot Python, which doesn't happen in the book.


Bob (Michael Madsen) shoots Hartigan (Bruce Willis) with a Colt Python.


A hitman holds his Colt Python to Marv's back in Kadie's Bar.

An Old Town Girl

An Old Town prostitute with a Colt Python.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

The weapon is seen in this film.


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