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Occupation: Prostitute
Gender: Female
Comic Appearances: The Hard Goodbye
The Big Fat Kill
Film Appearances: Sin City (2005)
Affiliation(s): Gail
Portrayed by: Alexis Bledel -
Sin City (2005)
Oh, sugar, you just gone and done the dumbest thing in your whole life.
— Becky

Becky is one of the younger Girls of Old Town. She is a main character in The Big Fat Kill.

The Hard Goodbye

Becky makes a small appearence in The Hard Goodbye. She is in the room with Gail and Dallas watching Wendy interogate Marv. She states that Marv is crazy that he can take all that beating and laugh. After the interogation Marv and Wendy leave.

The Big Fat Kill

Becky is cornered by Jackie-Boy.

Becky is a key part of the trap set for Jack Rafferty and his four Troops. She walked alone in the street so Jack would drive up and try to sweet talk her. She acts innocent and cute, but also insults him and refuses to get in his car. When Jack eventually pulls a gun on her, she tells him he made the biggest mistake of his life. Miho subsequently kills his Troops, then cuts off Jack's hand before finishing the job. Dwight McCarthy discovers that Jack Rafferty was a cop, and Becky realizes that the cops and the mob will go to war with Old Town now that the Truce was broken. After Dwight and Miho finish packing the bodies of the five men into the car, Becky asks Gail if she can go home because the blood is making her sick. Gail agrees, but warns her not to talk to anyone, even


her own mother. Becky leaves to use a pay phone until Dallas and another girl remind her of Gail's orders. Becky assures them she is calling her mom just to hear her voice. Once Dallas leaves, Becky calls Wallenquist and cuts a deal with him to protect her mother. As a consequence, Manute captures Gail while Dwight is ambushed and nearly killed by Irish mercenaries. Later, when Davis is torturing Gail, Becky arrives and reveals her betrayal, prompting an enraged Gail to bite her neck. Manute smacks Gail and orders Stuka to kill Becky. She complains that she was promised while Gail remarks that she deserves worse. Stuka is suddenly shot with an arrow by Miho, with a note from Dwight saying he has Jack's severed head and wants to make a deal. The Mob leaves the building, bringing Gail and Becky. Dwight is ready to trade Jack's head for Gail. Becky is the only one who realizes that there is tape over Jack's mouth and points it out to Manute, but her cries fall on deaf ears. Sure enough, Jack's head explodes from the bomb Dwight planted in it. Manute recovers and prepares to kill Dwight, but freezes when he sees that all the Girls of Old Town are pointing their guns at the Mob. Dwight, Gail and the Girls open fire on Manute, Becky, Davis, Schutz and the mobsters, killing them.

Sin City (film)

Speaking to Dallas.

Becky is portrayed by Alexis Bledel.

Becky makes a small appearance in The Hard Goodbye. She is in the room with Gail and Dallas watching Wendy interrogate Marv. She calls Marv crazy after he laughs off Wendy's beating.

Becky is featured in The Big Fat Kill. Becky plays the same role that she has in the graphic novel. However, she survives the massacre at the end of the story, although she is shot in the arm. At the end of the film, Becky is seen at a hospital with a cast on her arm, talking to her mother on her mobile phone. As she enters the elevator, The Colonel gets in, says her name and offers her a cigarette. Becky tells her mother that she loves her and hangs up, knowing the Colonel is there to kill her.



Sin City (film)

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