Sin City
Gender: Male
Comic Appearances: That Yellow Bastard
A Dame To Kill For
Blue Eyes
Hell And Back
Affiliation(s): Dwight McCarthy

Agamemnon, is a friend to Dwight, who gives him photography jobs related to private investigation and lets him use his darkroom but keeps the half cash. Gets Dwight out of jams in exchange for food. Often seen wearing a 'Kiss Me, I'm Greek' shirt. Most of his sentences end with, "I tell ya, I could write a book..."

He is always eating and is always cheerful, but he is disgusting to Dwight.

That Yellow Bastard

When John Hartigan visited Kadie's, Agamemnon was there. After seeing that Nancy Callahan jumped to kiss Hartigan, Agamemnon asked him if he was her uncle, so that he would talk to her about him.

A Dame to Kill For

Agamemnon had sent Dwight to photograph some cases of Joey Canelli. After delivering the rolls to Agamemnon, he dreamed about his old job with Gilleran and wished to have it back.

After Dwight was tortured by Manute and kicked out of Damien Lord's house, he called Agamemnon to take him home, in an exchange of a pizza and a chinese. He came wearing a t-shirt reading ΚΟΠΡΟΣ ΦΑΝΕΤΑΙ (being Greek for "shit happens").

Much later he was visited by Mort and Bob who interrogated him about Dwight, whom Agamemnon defended, after they bought him cream horns (and a pizza before that).

Blue Eyes

He was seen once more at Kadie's admiring Shellie's butt, wearing a t-shirt (L)OVE (M)ACHINE

Hell And Back

Agamemnon is in Otto's bar wearing a t-shirt with the Greek words ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ("come and get it").

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